August Already?

Did anyone else wake up today and just think “Fuck!?!”? 

How the fuck is it the middle of fucking August? How is it possible that I am here, in the 8th month of the year? Having accomplished non of the things I wanted to do?

That’s not to say I have done nothing. I’ve worked hard on my career and gained a promotion. I’ve paid all our bills on time, non of us have starved to death and we are not living in squalor.

My work life balance and all of the new years resolutions I have written about? They haven’t gone out the window as they didn’t even make it into the fucking house.

Now, when I seriously think about it, there are a number of reasons things haven’t gone as planned. We are providing emotional support to a number of friends going through rough times. The kind of situations, that make me feel like a massive prick for complaining about anything. Still here I am. Work has been crazy. Mainly though, I’ve not gotten  things done as I’ve chosen to do other things. A bad week at Work? Feeling spiritually tired? Lets watch 7 hours of ‘The Goodwife’ and get on Just Eat.

It’s August and I have not managed to stick to any of my new years resolutions. Not one. I started many if them. Didn’t stick though. Apparently I can only complete tasks at work.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the weekend. The long and short of it, for me, is deciding what type of person I want to be. I spent so much if my 20s, helping other people, drinking and being over shadowed and diminished by bigger, louder and over powering personalities. I’ve seen the light in regards to the negative people who tore me down to big themselves up. So I guess now, I need to think about where I want to go next. What kind of grown up do I wamt to be? It’s a big question. I’m hoping to start making changes now so that I don’t wake up in January thinking the same fucking thing!


Goodbye 2016

I’m not even sure where to start when it comes to the year that has been 2016. A year of celebrities dying, reminding the world that everyone is mortal, no matter how much cash you have. The shift in the politics of the world. Brexit. Trump. The Global refugee crisis. Terrorist attacks. It has been a crazy and tragic year and we have yet to see the full extent of its effects on our lives. The year has been very busy at home and at work as well which has lead to a complete lack of blogging. It just wasn’t the priority at any given point in time. Thinking about the future and what may come can lead down some very dark paths. So, throughout 2017, I have decided to focus on everything that is right in my world and to do my best to effect positive changes with things that are not. I need to be more grateful for all that I have and everything that I have achieved. I have created a list of 50 resolutions that I would like to bring into my life. That’s one a week for 2017. I don’t know if it is achievable, but I am going to give it a go. It seems a fitting way to try and get back into blogging.

 I really like writing lists. In fact, writing lists is the only way that I get any shit done. I like to tick things off the list, it gives me a sense of achievement. With that in mind, I have given myself a head start on one item on my to do list. I quit smoking 4 days ago. I’ve got patches, an eCig and a lot of mints. I’ve decided that I can eat whatever I like whilst I am quitting. I can’t do everything at once. My other half has quit as well so it is quite tense in my household. I am doing my best to keep my mood up and not to snap. I think he is feeling the same way. It has got to be tougher for him as he smokes a lot more then me.  Today, is the first day where I have not been angry at the thought of not having a cigarette. It might seem strange, to be angry, the only thing I can equate it too, is the irrational irritability women can feel when they are on or approaching their period. Not much I can do but weather it. Today I have come out of the other side of the storm that was going on in my brain. I don’t know how long I will be on the patches for but at the moment they are a lifeline to sanity. I have quit before and it’s never been this hard. I think it’s because this time I know I am done and we are both doing it. When I have quit before my other half hasn’t so there’s been baccy in the house if I wanted to crack. This time I removed all traces of baccy from the house. The only way we can crack is if we go out and buy some. I’m not going to do that and I will lose my shit if the OH does. Because we agreed to do this together, we have good reasons for doing this and because it would mean we’ve been shitty and snippy to each other for the last 4 days for no reason. That shit is not cool. It’s not how we usually communicate, which is what I think is allowing us to get through this. We know it’s just something to be gotten through.

So it’s Wednesday night now and I have been rollie free for almost a week. I have however found an additional 5lbs of weight. That’s not all down to giving up the tabs. We have been eating pretty badly this month. The cravings have pretty much gone now but 3 days of not sleeping really screwed me over. I was getting confused and struggled to put a coherent sentence together.  I fell asleep on the sofa last night at around 11 and OH woke me up at about 4:30am to go upstairs to bed. He thought it was better to let me have some solid sleep rather than waking me earlier and not being able to get back to the land of nod.

So am sat here thinking about all my grand plans for next year and have realised that I have done fuck all planning. Time to crack on. I’ve got a pad of paper and a pencil to start making plans and jotting shit down. I prefer writing things down, especially with a pencil. I find it cathartic.

Motivation has been an issue today. I’ve got quite a bit to do before Christmas and today I have barely done a thing. Previously, my routine would be, have a tab, start something. Do a bunch of tasks then have a tab. I need to find something new to replace that habit. Today I tried “I’ll watch one more episode then…..” but that didn’t seem to help my productivity at all. I am determined to get a least a few more items ticked off the to do list tonight before I got to bed.

I’ve also eaten SOOOO much food today. Gluttonous is the word I would use to describe myself. I’ve not even noticed I’ve been doing it until after the fact. If I look at the clock as I finish feeding my face it is usually around the times I would have had a tab. I feel quite gross right now. Eating well requires quite a lot of time and effort. Planning, shopping, cooking. I didn’t think I could do all that as well as quit smoking. But I am going to be getting on it straight away after Christmas as I feel like Jabba the Hut right now. MINGING!

It’s the 28th. Christmas went well – I didn’t poison anyone and my in-laws seemed to have a good time. Result!!! We still haven’t smoked and yes, I am still eating everything in site.  I’ve already done the meal plan for the first week of 2017. We’ve still got so many bits and bobs from Christmas that it didn’t make sense to do a plan for this week.I hate waste – especially of food.  I am actually really looking forward to cracking back on with eating well. As I mentioned above it does take some planning. Especially if your default is to turn to Just-eat.

I’ve not put much down about what I’ve actually got planned. I don’t want to make this post hugely long – I just want to get it up (That’s what he said!!). So I will finish here, even if it is a bit abrupt. I am just getting back into the swing of things so bare with me as I get to grips with my writing style and the format of posts! I wish you love, laughter and adventures throughout 2017!

6th March 2016

For the last week and a half I have been in France lending my sister a hand. She and her husband welcomed their baby boy into the world in February. I went over to help in anyway I could, cooking, cleaning, colouring in with my niece and making lots of cuppas. It was a nice week and good to be away from work.

I have another week off as next week I turn 30. Turning 30 doesn’t phase me. I am not bothered by the number, rather, excited for what my next decade will bring.

I have been putting a plan together for making my first year in this age bracket a goodun. The focus is still on bettering my health and well being. Also working on becoming a dog trainer.

I am going to be writing posts on all of my efforts. There are more posts to come. I just need to get my act together and plan. I find forward planning helps a lot with my job so I am going to try and work out a plan for my blog and my studies. I am also going to try my best to not work as many late nights so I can give my attention in the evenings to the things I am passionate about. I have become quite a foody. Whilst in France, I loved being able to cook for my family. I really enjoy making tasty, healthy meals. It does mean there will be more pictures of food and meals on my social media. I am one of those people. My Instagram pretty much consists of pictures of food and our dog Ari. There will also be more posts about him.

Last night, I was taken out for a surprise birthday meal organised by Wharton. It was lovely. There were balloons, Thai food, a dairy free birthday cake made by my friend Helen and lots of laughter. There weren’t a lot of people there but I had a great night. I laughed loads and it made me feel very special. Today, I have mostly been pottering and starting to get the flat ready for my 30th year project. I’ve gutted the living room and done a lot of washing.

Before I left for France, I had a sort out of my clothes. I took some over for my sister and will be sending some other items by post to my other sister. I will be doing some shopping next week. I am also saving for another couple of tattoos. I had hoped to get them dont next week but the artist I want to do them is booked up for March so I think I will be trying to get them done over the May bank holiday. That is something to look forward to!

For now, I am going to continue to listen to tunes and crack on through the to do list I have made for the coming week. It will be a week full of fun but also productivity. I love the feeling of having accomplished stuff. The great thing is you can choose what you want to accomplish. On sluggish days sometimes getting out of bed and not being a bitch is an accomplishment. Other days I will clean, study, do a meal plan or play with Ari. All things I consider to be productive and give me that sense of achievement. Sitting and watching Netflix box sets doesn’t give me the same feeling. Having said that, multiple episodes of the new season of House of Cards will be watched this evening!

This is my attempt at an interim post. Between now and the next post I will be studying, creating a meal plan, pottering about my flat and just generally cracking on. I am on Twitter and Instagram. Links for my social media are on my page. I always welcome discussion and recipes or general wellness suggestions! Get involved 🙂

Week 7 (next week)

Yet again it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted and since I created a meal plan. A combination of lots of work and things going on at the weekend meant I didn’t set time aside for meal planning. This seems to be a re-occurring issue. What I have done this week is created a meal plan a day at a time. So Monday of this week I sorted out the meals for Monday next week (Week 7). I am really enjoying the pattern of eating that has come about from reading the nutrition book. Meat free Mondays followed by eating one portion of animal protein a day. To give me inspiration for my vegetarian meals I bought a vegetarian and vegan cook book. I am going to be cooking quite a few of the recipes this week and am really looking forward to it.

I read something on Instagram this week that I really liked. “Every time you eat your are either fighting or inviting disease”. Now I don’t take it literally, but I do think it is a great mantra to help keep me mindful of what I’m eating. I went through my meal plan to make sure that I have the optimum combination of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Not forgetting a minimum of 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. My plan looks a bit of a mess but at least I know that I have everything covered!

Meal plan for next week with my notes about the food groups on. The ticks are where I have everything covered and if there is something circled I need to add something.

After my detox, which was tough, I felt really good. I mean, really good. I’ve lost that feeling now as I’ve let other things creep back into my diet more then they should have done. Sweets, chocolate, bread and lots of fruit juice. The lack of a meal plan means that meals have not been quite as healthy as they could have been. They haven’t been unhealthy and we didn’t slip back to our old eating habits. So as I am aiming to be as healthy as possible next week I have done my Sunday prep. As I pointed out in my last post, Sunday prep helps keep us straight during the week. I look through my plan and see how I need the vegetables cut up. If the veg is all there, ready to go, then there is no excuse not to cook. If the prep is already done, cooking time is halved.

Meal plan for next week with my notes about the food groups on. The ticks are where I have everything covered and if there is something circled I need to add something.
Mushrooms, courgettes, mixed peppers, lettuce, broccoli, carrots and cucumber all prepped!


Before doing the prep, I started cooking my packed lunch for tomorrow. I’ve made enough for Ric to have some for tomorrow as well. This isn’t a recipe, just a simple roast vegetable pasta salad. It’s on the side cooling now before I put it into our packed lunch boxes. Before bed I will box up some fruit – pineapple, mango and peach I think and some mixed nuts and seeds. LUSH!

Roast Vegetable pasta salad for lunch tomorrow. Carrot, baby corn, butter nut squash, mushrooms and courgette with wholemeal pasta. I am already looking forward to lunch tomorrow!

I’ve still been trying to do an hour without any screens before bed. To help me in this effort I bought an adult colouring book. It is AMAZING. Such a nice way to unwind from the day. I have literally been doing one picture for the last 4 days! I am going to keep going with it and use some time before settling down to make sure I have everything ready for the next day. My outfit and bag for work, my meals and snacks. I’m modifying the old saying “Forewarned is forearmed”. If I have everything ready, then there is no excuse to snack on unhealthy things and it will make my mornings run more smoothly as I hate stressed mornings.

As always I’m interested in any tips and tricks anyone might have for meal or week night prep. I’m on Twitter and Instagram. Feel free to add comments here or on those platforms! Enjoy the last hours of your weekend. Keep smiling.



Sunday Prep

One of the things I have really noticed is that unless I take the time to do a meal plan, shop and prep we have a tendency to either order a take away or buy oven foods. Now this week instead of doing either those 2 things we managed to keep our teas healthy. Which is a great achievement for two people who can be quite lazy. I started to create the meal plan on Friday evening and finished yesterday.

I got up this morning and wrote my shopping list whilst having a brew. The great thing about meal planning is that I can buy exactly what we need for the week. This means that there is very little food waste and we save ourselves on average £30 a week.

Sunday prep always starts the same way. A clean up of the kitchen. Unstacking the dish washer, washing anything that needs washing in the sink, cleaning down the sides, just generally making sure the kitchen is user friendly. First things first though – getting the tunes on. Bit of Uptown Funk to get me started. Having tunes on whilst doing anything in kitchen is a great idea. I love music anyway but when I have music on during Sunday Prep time I am literally dancing around my kitchen (even though its not that big). Getting those extra steps in!

Our kitchen probably doesn’t get looked after the way it should. It is quite small and definitely needs to be better organised (but that is for a different day). On to emptying out all of the shopping on to the side so I can start to get organised.

This is our fruit and veg for this week. I don’t know whether it looks like a lot or not. But given that we’re only eating meat or fish once a day, and that the majority of our meals are made of up veg, I don’t think so. Perhaps I should do a picture at the end of the week to see how much we have left?

My meal plan is written out and stuck on the fridge. I have emptied the fridge of anything that is looking a bit gross. I don’t really follow sell by dates. If it’s not gooey, mouldy and smells OK – I will tend to use it. I have already started to organise my fridge better. Once all the shopping is out on the side I will put everything away. I use my meal plan to see what should go where so the things we need for Monday are the easiest to access. I also put anything left over from last week upfront so it gets used first.

Sorting my fruit tray out first and I seem to remember saving something on Pintrest about how to keep Bananas. Need to have a quick check. OK – you wrap cling film around the stalk of the bananas. It will be interesting to see if it works.

I’ve put everything away now and we are going to cook our tea. After tea I will crack on with the Falafel burgers, soup and vegetable prep.

So our home made pizzas are in the oven for 10-15 minutes which means I can make a start on the vegetable cous cous for lunch tomorrow! 🙂

We’ve had our tea and it was great. Only ate half my pizza. I put veg on my plate first therefore limiting the amount of space there was for pizza. Great shout as I didn’t manage to finish it! I would totally have just taken the whole pizza in and left the veg if I tried to do it the other way around.

So it’s now quarter past 8 in the evening. I didn’t realise it was so late. Cleaning the kitchen must have taken longer then I though. So tonight, I will probably just stick to making the falafel burgers and possibly some veg prep. I will do the soup tomorrow evening instead.

Half way through making the falafel. They are in the fridge for 15 minutes to firm up (which is just as well as I think I added too much Lemon juice). I am doing the washing up from dinner and getting my kitchen back to optimum condition. 🙂 Just turned the Falafel in the oven. They fell apart a tiny bit. We will see what the finished article looks like. I’ll post a picture on my Instagram tomorrow of my yummy lunch! My Instagram is mostly pictures of food or my dog, Ari.

Its 10:45 pm on Monday now and my soup has 15 more minutes to go until I crack it through a blender. When I came to think about the age old excuse of having no time to cook fresh, I realised that I spend way to much of my time going through box sets on Netflix. So since half 9 I have been pottering in my kitchen. Making soup, emptying the bins etc. I actually find being a bit busy before bed helps me to sleep. Tonight, I will go to bed knowing that I have cooked a yummy soup for lunch tomorrow. That I am following my meal plan and that my kitchen is clean. Knowing I have been productive and used my day as well as I could, sends me to sleep with a smile on my face.



The last 2 weeks

We didn’t have a meal plan this week. Last weekend I was feeling very run down and spent most of the time wrapped up in a duvet. I have also worked a crazy number of hours this week. A crazy number. We didn’t do a food shop either. To be honest, Wharton has kept us on the straight and narrow at home. He has cooked us simple but healthy dinners. Fish, boiled veg and sweet potatoes. For lunches I managed to be pretty healthy mostly buying stuff from the Co-op. I couldn’t tell you what I ate on any particular day though, apart from Friday where I had a little moment! On Friday I was feeling particularly unwell, a little stressed and super tired. So for lunch, I thought I would treat myself to some hot food from Wasabi. Usually when I go to Wasabi I get a mixed bento box – noodles, sweet chilli chicken and teriyaki chicken. It is a lot of food. Typically I would get through the whole box. I entered Wasabi, checked out the sushi and soup options and then got in the que for the hot food . I got to the counter and looked at the sweet chilli chicken. It looked sticky, fried, sweet and orange. The server asked what I wanted. I looked from her to the chicken and back again. “I want soup – sorry”. I hopped out of the que and picked up a soup and a couple of pieces of sushi. As I left Wasabi, I felt really happy. I had made the right food decision and picked something that was actually good for me. WOOOOPPPPP WOOOOOPPPP!!!!!! It may seem like a little thing to most people but for that is huge. This whole process has not been about dieting but changing my eating habits. Truly embracing a healthier way of eating and I actually did it! Don’t get me wrong – I wasn’t perfect on Friday. I had some Minstrels and Peanut M&Ms and a few other sweets in the afternoon. I made up for this by having a really healthy tea.

Anyways, I just wanted to write a little update. I have done the meal plan for next week and have just got back from doing the food shopping. After I’ve finished writing this up I will have a quick clean up  of the kitchen and then get to prepping the soup, veg and the Falafel burgers. I’ve also put up 2 recipes from the meal plan from week 2 on the recipe of the week page.

Hopefully this week I will manage to keep to the meal plan. I will keep notes and right them all up at the end of the week! Wish me luck! 🙂

Week 1 – Detox week

Before Christmas I bought a book called Optimum Nutrition Made Easy. It is written by Patrick Holford who also penned The Optimum Nutrition Bible. I wanted to do some reading around nutrition that wasn’t too technical and that could offer some sound advice about healthy eating as a lifestyle rather then a diet.

The book was an interesting and easy read. It had various questionnaires to help you work out where you might need to make improvements within your own diet (diet in the true sense of the word – what you eat generally as opposed to being on a diet). There is also a lot of information regarding supplements that can be taken to improve your well being. One of the books suggestions was to undertake a detox for one week, just once, in a year. The book details the foods that you should and shouldn’t eat during this week and we decided to give it a go to get us on the right track for the year. I haven’t detailed the ins and outs of what the book says, as I am not a nutritionist and would not want you to start on a detox without having done the reading first.

We spent New Years Eve between a friends house and their local pub. We were due to come back home on the first and then start the detox on the second. A combination of a drastic hangover and having a good time meant that we stayed at our friends until the second. Never the less I was determined to still start the detox on the second, so in the morning our friend kindly nipped me to the shops so I could pick up some fruit (and some other essentials as Id only prepared to stay for one night) for our breakfast. I took notes at the end of each day and have written them up below.

Day 1 – Saturday 2nd January

We started well, even though we were at a friends. I went to Sainsburys and bought fruit for our breakfast. When we got home, I changed my shoes, grabbed my granny bag, donned my coat and headed straight back out the door to get to Kingston market to buy all of the fruit and vegetables we’d need for the week. By the time I got back, I was famished. I cracked straight on with making a parsnip, apple and broccoli juice. I was actually very nice even if it did make my throat a bit itchy.  I had some nuts and seeds as a snack and waited for the other part of our shopping to be delivered. The shopping didn’t arrive. A call to customer services was made and it turned out there had been a cock up somewhere so my shopping would be delivered the next day. We thought Wharton may have to venture to the shops in the rain but a quick check of the freezer meant that we had everything we needed for our tea. I cooked a vegetable stir fry in a tiny amount of coconut oil adding garlic, ginger and a splash of fruit juice for flavour. The salmon was cooked in the oven in baking paper so that it didn’t dry out. The whole meal was bloody lovely! So fresh and simple. Amazing what you can do with simple ingredients, when a shop bought sauce is out of the question. At the market, I also bought a bunch of mint leaves and this evening I made my own mint tea. Again, bloody lovely. All in all, today we have eaten: melon; pineapple; mango; nuts & seeds; parsnip; broccoli; salmon; brown rice and sweet potatoe. It feels good to have made a strong start to this and not made an excuse to postpone.

Fruit from the market

Day 2 – Sunday 3rd January

I woke up with a cracking headache this morning. It could be due to the decrease in the number of brews I have had. I slept on the sofa for a couple of hours with El Houndo after having had my breakfast (mixed fruits) and supplements. I had a mug of hot water with a slice of lemon instead of a brew. I started to feel a little light headed at around 12:30 so I had some nuts and a small glass of juice as a snack. That sorted me right out. I felt much better. In fact, I felt really chirpy! Lunch was steamed trout and vegetables followed my a mug of mint tea. It was lovely and left me feeling really up beat and full of energy. I watched some telly, pottered about in the flat and eventually started to get my self ready to return to work on Monday. I’ve had my first cravings this evening. I’m trying not to have a cuppa. I’ve managed to only have one cup today, which is why I think I have a headache now. Time for a mini workout and some physio. Leg raises, crunches and some weights. I’m hoping getting some endorphins flowing will set me right. I have a feeling that Monday will be tough. Day 3 plus going back to work. I’m just going to give it my best shot.

Breakfast: Blueberries, grapes, raspberries and mango

Day 3 – Monday 4th January

First day back at work and third day of the detox. I slept really well last night despite the headache. Wharton also had a headache whilst he was away in Manchester. We think it might be withdrawal from something or other that has now been cut out of our diets! Sugar is a likely culprit. I woke up at 6:15 and hit the snooze button a couple of times. The first 15 minutes I was awake I spent lying in bed taking stock of how my body was doing and judging whether my head was going to fall off or not. I jumped in the shower at 6:45. I ate a breakfast of blueberries, raspberries and Clementine. Supplements were taken and it was all washed down with a cup of hot lemon water. I saved my pear for the commute which was just as well, as I was starving by the time I got to the office. I turned down chocolate within 10 minutes of walking through the door. I got through the morning well and actually felt pretty damn good. I was very happy when lunch time arrived. Vegetable stir fry and whole grain rice. I drank lots of water and herbal teas throughout the day. Around half past 2 I started to feel a little light headed so I ate the mixed nuts and seeds that I had brought with me for my 3 o’clock snack. Again, these sorted me right out. I am very impressed with how quickly and effectively eating some nuts and seeds made me feel better. They will definitely become a part of my daily food intake. I worked through until 5:15 and then headed for the station. I got home and made my tea straight away. Smoked Mackerel, cherry tomatoes and cucumber. I even did a baked apple with a pinch of cinnamon for pudding.


Day 4 – Tuesday 5th January

Today has proven to be the toughest day of the detox so far. Admittedly, this hasn’t been helped by a very late night and therefore not much sleep. I had breakfast at home but was hungry again by the time I got to the office so I munched an apple. I didn’t make a packed lunch so went down to the Co-op to see what I could find that was within the detox plan. Salad, salmon and veg cooked in the microwave. Result!! I had my nuts and seeds at 3. Lots of water throughout the day which resulted in many trips to the bathroom! At least that’s upping my step count. I am looking forward to starting Couch to 5K next week (I’ll be writing a separate post on this). Tea was another vegetable stir fry with whole grain rice. Today was tough because, for the first time, I really felt pangs for the foods we would usually have. My colleagues were having hot food from local chains and I was munching on salad leaves and broccoli. I also really did feel rough because of lack of sleep. That is when I usually would reach for the sugar. Still, I didn’t crack despite the many varieties of chocolate, crisps and cakes that were around the office.

Day 5 – 6th January

Today went really well. I felt good! Incredibly good. I have started to notice differences in my appearance as well now. I literally can not believe how small my stomach is! Compared to just after Christmas, it is practically flat! I’m not bloating and I haven’t had a bad stomach all week. I haven’t noticed much of a difference in my skin when it comes to spots but there is definitely less redness in my cheeks. Whartons dark circles under his eyes are practically gone. I’m feeling good today and have had loads of energy even when I got home.

Day 6 – 7th January

What a horrid start to the day. Day 4 was nothing compared to today. I woke up and felt like She Hulk. I was just cross and was very rude to the other half and although I apologised I still felt like crap because of it. He said he was feeling the same so understood and we decided that we would just have to be more patient with each other today. Both of us did find that taking our supplements made a big difference. The problem was that just the thought of one more bite of fruit made me feel rough. We persevered though, largely thanks to Wharton being patient with me and being totally on board with us seeing this thing through for the week. He has found the lack of meat and dairy in our diet difficult but has loved the fish. He’s also taken to having breakfast which is awesome as he’s not very proactive when it comes to making meals.

One of our teas.

Day 7 – Friday 8th January

Woop Woop. I’ve made it through to day 7 without cracking. Not even once. To be honest today has been pretty  mixed. I’ve gone between feeling awesome and feeling pretty shady. I felt awful on the train ride home but right as rain again after I’d eaten. I took my multivitamins with my tea. I didn’t have breakfast as I woke up late so bought some fruit from the Co-op. Lunch also came from the Co-op – Salad and veg. I can’t believe that we have made it through for a whole 7 days. On the whole, I have found the whole week quite an experience. Its has has some awesome highs and some lows as well. Carrying on this pattern of eating is simply not sustainable which is why I guess the book says to only do it for a week. I have felt incredible over some of the days and will be looking to cook and eat to obtain that feeling again. I’ve also had some feelings of light headedness and hanger (when you get angry because you are hungry) so I will be looking to ensure that I have plenty of healthy snacks planned to prevent this. The detox week has also opened my eyes to how easy it is to create simple and tasty meals without relying on shop bought sauces. I’ve created the meal plan for next week and am really looking forward to breakfast tomorrow! I’ve printed off some cooking informatics that will be going up in my kitchen alongside some resources around portion sizes. It’s going to be a good year!



How I did – week 9th November


It was a bit of a mixed bag this week. There was so much food at work as all sorts of goodies were brought in by my colleagues celebrating Diwali. I had a doughnut on one of the days and there were definitely some miniature chocolate bars eaten.

Monday 9th November

B: Dilly egg Salad on a Bagel

S: Fruit

L: Slow-cooker Chicken Chow Mein  Salad

S: Fruit & yoghurt

T: Salad

Well, it’s the same old story – I didn’t get the shopping in, in time to make the Slow cooker Chicken Chow Mein. The egg salad bagel was lovely though. You can find the recipe here. I hadn’t got the yoghurt as it was coming in the evening and I’d already had fruit for a snack that morning.

Tuesday 10th November

B: Mediterranean anytime parfait with pitta Porridge

S: Cereal bar

L: Hummus, salad & pitta

S: Fruit

T: Fish and steamed vegetables

Do you know when you wake up and you are starving? That was Tuesday morning for me. I call days like this “Hungry Hippo” days. If you don’t know what the childrens game Hungry Hippos is watch this video (skip to 0:32 seconds in) and then imagine putting the same principle towards eating!  I needed something for breakfast that was going to stop my inner hippo from taking over so I made a bowl of hot, slightly stodgy (each to their own ok?) porridge that I sweetened with honey. It was just what the doctor ordered! I didn’t over eat and wasn’t hungry again until lunch time. I had my cereal bar as a pudding with lunch which again was another epic salad! Tea was quite simply steamed cod with a selection of steamed veg. Nice and simple.

Wednesday 11th November

B: Dilly egg salad in a bagel

S: Fruit

L: Slow cooker chicken chow mein

S: Cereal Bar x 2 Digestive biscuits

T: Salad

Today was a good day as far as sticking to the meal plan was concerned. I ate my fruit and my salad. I ate the slow cooker chicken. Oh the slow cooker chicken chow mein! What an utter disappointment. Now I might have added a touch to much water to the recipe but I do not think that is responsible for making it bland. I had such high hopes for this dish and it basically ended up as a salty chicken stew. It did make 4 large portions and I hate waste so when it appeared on the meal plan, I still ate it. I forgot my cereal bar at home so went for the biscuits at around 3 ish. I think I just needed some sugar to combat the stew.

Thursday 12th November

B: Mediterranean anytime parfait with pitta Peanut butter on toast

S: Fruit & yoghurt

L: Jacket potatoe with beans and cheese

S: Juice Cereal Bar

T: Salad Slow Cooker Chicken Chow mein

I think planning cold breakfasts at this time of year is a bit of a mistake (duh!). I was not game for a cold breakfast at all. So peanut butter on toast it was and it was bloody lovely!  I only had half a jacket potatoe as the ones we got were massive. I didn’t even eat all of the half! The cereal bar I left on Wednesday was demolished at 3 and then the chicken stew was eaten for tea. Again because I wanted something warm over something cold. I didn’t have any noodles or rice with it – I literally just treated it as if it was a stew.

Friday 13th November

B: Bacon, Kale & Spinach sandwhich

S: Fruit

L: Teriyaki Beef Pitta Pita

S: x2 Digestive biscuits

T: Salad, hummus & pita

On Friday I woke up late so had to leave the house without breakfast. I glanced at my meal plan and saw the word bacon! This translated into a bacon sarnie that I munched on the train. I didn’t have the time to make the Teriyaki Beef on Thursday night. The 2 slow cooker recipes I have picked seemed to require more prep then I thought they would. Never the less, as I have the ingredients, I have added the Teriyaki Beef to next weeks meal plan.

Saturday 14th November

B: Left overs

S: Left overs

L: Salad Bacon & Egg Sarnie

S: Fruit & yoghurt

T: Teriyaki Beef

I had a lovely lie in on Saturday. It was lovely. I wasn’t up early enough to have breakfast or even the mid morning snack. A friend crashed on our sofa for the night so by the time I was up we reckoned a sarnie from the caff around the corner would be a good brunch! The sandwich kept me full until tea time by which time we had had a power cut. The national grid people were really good and kept us in the loop with phone and text updates but they were estimating that the electricity would be back on at around 930pm. We didn’t want to open the fridge in case it was longer then that. So take out was bought. Chilli Beef and rice. We went to the local Chinese as the internet was gone so we couldn’t use ‘Just Eat’. This was actually an awesome idea. We didn’t spend as much, the food was a higher quality and the portions were sensible. There was enough left to have some on Sunday as well but that was more due to me deciding to be sensible with my portions!

All in all, it wasn’t a great week food wise. It could have been worse but it also could have been better. I’m not going to lie about it as that would be pretty pointless really. I’ll weigh myself soon in order to see if any of the smoking weight has come off.

I’ve done the meal plan for next week and am hoping that I can stick to it a bit better!

How I did – Week of 2nd November

Monday 2nd November

B: Boiled Egg Scrambled Egg & Spinach

S: Lemon Water & Banana

D: Courgette Bolognaise Bacon Salad Wrap & Fruit and yoghurt

S: Peanut Butter and rice cakes

T: Ham Salad Wrap Bolognaise & Salad (no pasta)

I started Monday strong by having gone to sleep at a reasonable time on Sunday. I woke up at 6:30 and then chose to snuggle for a bit longer. Got up around 6:45 (in the am – in case you were wondering) and got myself ready for work. I didn’t fancy a boiled egg (couldn’t be bothered with the shell) so I scrambled an egg on it’s own (no butter or milk added). As I was making my packed lunch I realised that we hadn’t picked up any ham (shit) but we did have a pack of bacon (yes!). I was still hungry after the wrap. As I had fruit (strawberries and grapes) with me, I nipped to the shop and picked up some soya yoghurt. The pudding hit the spot and nullified a sugar craving! Around 3 in the afternoon is usually when my brain starts to tell me that I want some more sugar. Quite a lot of sugar if I want to make it all the way through until 5. I know this. I know I tend to cave even if I have a healthy snack. This time I planned to have something slightly sweet and crunchy. I like crunchy. A snack of 2 rice crackers and a table spoon of peanut butter. This was so effective. Literally, shut that craving down. I will definitely be having that again.I had made the decision the previous evening to switch my dinner and tea around as my spiraliser was due to arrive on Monday. It did arrive and I tried to spiralise half a courgette. Everything just got stuck and then the thing broke (this is what happens when you buy a £2 kitchen utensil from Amazon). I made a salad to go with the Turkey bolognaise I had already made. It was still an awesome meal and so fresh. A wonderful change from the food we’ve been eating lately.

Tuesday 3rd November

B: Bacon with Brocoli Spinach and Kale

S: Veg Slices & Home made humus

D: Tuna Jacket Potatoe

S: Mixed Nuts Yoghurt & Fruit

T: Mushroom Soup

Tuesday started well again. Breakfast was AMAZING. I used spinach instead of broccoli as, to be honest, I couldn’t be bothered to chop up the broccoli (this is why prepping veg is important, especially for lazy people like me). I didn’t have a snack as to be honest I wasn’t hungry. Then after El Houndos lunch time walk – jacket potatoe and Tuna mayo. Bloody lovely! The afternoon snack was listed as mixed nuts but I really didn’t fancy that so went with yoghurt and fruit instead. Then for tea was home made mushroom soup. The soup was super easy to make. It looked absolutely awful but tasted really good so all in all I was quite happy with it.

Wednesday 4th November

B: Porridge with fruit & seeds

S: Lemon water Yoghurt & apple

D: Vegetable curry and cous-cous Bacon & Roast vegetable Sandwhich

S: Boiled egg Peanut butter with rice cakes

T: Salad with Hummus

After making the mushroom soup on Tuesday evening, I didn’t have enough time to make the vegetable curry as well. So I switched up the meal plan with Thursdays. It doesn’t take that long to slice up half a red pepper, some courgette and mushrooms, then crack them in an oven for 20 mins. I cooked the bacon and then popped it all into my lunch box with the bread wrapped in cling film. At lunch, as I was building my sarnie, a colleague remarked that they think the way I make my sandwiches at work is funny. I just don’t like soggy bread. If you make the sandwich the night before the chances are the bread will go soggy and I can not stomach that. So it all goes in a box and gets made up just before I eat it. Peanut butter and rice cakes were spot on, again. I left work late and it took what felt like forever to get home. As was the salad with hummus. When I make a salad I am not talking about a green salad. My salads tend to contain, lettuce, spinach or kale, cucumber, spring onions, radish, carrot, beetroot, avocado, pepper, cherry tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes and pickles. They are taste sensations. I can not say enough about how good a combination avocado and beetroot makes. It was a tough day to day with some major sugar cravings. I am glad I swapped out the after snack for peanut butter as I think I may have cracked if I hadn’t. I definitely need to find a way to combat the 3rd day blues.

Thursday 5th November 2015

B: Boiled egg, spinach & beetroot

S: Fruit and yoghurt

D: Bacon & roast veg sandwich  Salad

S: Banana & oat bar  Salad

T: Mushroom Soup Vegetable stir fry

Breakfast was good and I didn’t need a snack. I made a massive bowl of salad. So big that I couldn’t eat it all for lunch even after taking Ari out. I hadn’t made the Banana & oat bars as I did literally no prep for this week at all. Having salad left over I had another portion at around 3. I was still working at 8:30 pm without having had my tea so the sugar cravings hit me in the evening. When it came to tea time I didn’t really fancy a curry (I did fancy a cheeky chippy) so I went for a quick and easy to make vegetable stir fry instead (with no rice). Like I always do, I made enough for at least 4 meals. So I had some for tea as did Wharton. Then I took some for lunch for Friday. I can not tell you how pleased I am that I didn’t crack and go for a chippy (fish and chips) instead. Not just because I am trying to stick to the healthier options but also because we are trying to save money for various things.The stir fry was lush as well so it was a win-win decision really.

Friday 6th November

B: Porridge with fruit & nuts Sausage Baguette

S: Fruit & Lemon water

D: Tuna pasta salad Vegetable Stir fry

S: Left overs

T: Home-made Turkey Kebabs Chicken Salad Wraps

I woke up late! Rushed to get to work and rather then having any form of sugar cravings, I wanted protein. Feeling that I have had a relatively meat free week compared to usual, I decided to nip to the Co-op and get a sausage baguette. It was wonderful. Snack was a banana and water. Left over veggie stir fry for lunch. It was a big portion so no snack was needed although there may have been a couple of chocolate buttons and some Haribo eaten. Neither of us had the energy to cook when we got back for rather then faffing around trying to make the turkey kebabs we decided to keep it simple and just have chicken wraps. His was quite plain, chicken, lettuce and mayo. Mine had more veg in it. Lettuce, spinach, cucumber, avocado and beetroot with hummus rather then mayo. Both Wharton and I agreed, these tasted fresher then any take out we would normally get on evenings like this. We have decided to try and make wraps our go to meals when we are both feeling a bit done in from the week rather than logging onto Just Eat.

As you can see, I don’t always stick to my exact meal plan. However I do not really veer away from the main ingredients either. Everything that was replaced, was swapped for something equally as healthy apart from the sausage baguette which (no matter how much I want it to be) will never be as healthy as porridge with fruit and nuts.

I actually lost 3lbs this week which is a great start. I will lose the weight I put on whilst quitting smoking. It is actually quite a big deal for me as one of the things that always held me back from quitting was the fear of putting on a lot of weight after having worked so hard to lose it. I don’t care what anyone says, for me, changing my eating habbits has not been easy and as you can tell from the length of time this blog has been running, it’s taken a couple of years. I finally feel like I am on the right path and that this is now the way that I eat.

The meal plan for next week can be found here.

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change; the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.